Mar 27, 2018 / ดู 1,254 ครั้ง

Lights Down Low feat. gnash (Not Your Dope Remix feat. Dytto) - MAX

[Verse 1: MAX]
Heaven only knows where you've been
But I don't really need to know
I know where you're gonna go
On my heart, where you're resting your head
And you just look so beautiful
It's like you were an angel

[Pre Chorus: MAX]
Can I stop the flow of time?
Can I swim in your divine?
Cause I don't think I'd ever leave this place

[Chorus: MAX]
Oh, turn the lights turn the lights down low
Yeah, now I'm feeling you breathing slow
'Cause, baby, we're just reckless kids
Trying to find an island in the flood
Oh, turn the lights, turn the lights down low, oh

[Verse 2: gnash]
Moonlight, mood lights, moves like J-Lo
Tell me what you want from me, I'll do it if you say so
'Cause you're the only one for me, I'm never gonna say no
I found me an angel, I can see it in your halo
Have you ever dreamt what we could do?
Have you ever sent an "I love you"?
I've never felt the feelings that I feel for you
So maybe we could make a we of me and you
I'mma treat you right tonight, let's make it last forever
I promise you that no one else will ever treat you better
And if you don't believe me, please see I don't need no effort
All you gotta do is flip that switch before we bed-up